Through the Coordinated Breast Cancer Care program, medical experts from the June E. Nylen Cancer Center and Midlands Clinic share their expertise to set the best course of treatment for persons with breast cancer. Discussing a patient are three members of that team, l-r: Midlands Clnic General Surgeon Dr. J. D. Welander, Nylen Cancer Center Oncologist Dr. Susan Roeder, and Midlands Clinic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Laura McNaughton.

When it comes to beating breast cancer, patients want every expert possible on their team.

Through the newly established Coordinated Breast Cancer Care program, patients at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center get all that — and more.

A partnership with the Cancer Center and Midlands Clinic, the program unites diagnostic radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and oncologists in a synchro-nized approach to review and advise the best treatment for breast cancer patients.

Nylen Cancer Center Oncologist Dr. Susan Roeder says the multidisciplinary team provides immediate recommendations for the best course of treatment for a patient’s specific circumstances, from diagnosis to reconstruction and healing.

“This teamwork eliminates confusion and stress, streamlines the treatment process, and puts patients on the path to healing with a specific road map in place,” the oncologist says.

“Bringing these experts together means our patients get an expert opinion, a second and a third opinion all at the same time,” adds Sue LeGree, Nylen Cancer Center Patient Advocate. “The result is a supported opinion through all those different specialties for the best course of care for that specific patient.”

At the coordinated care team’s weekly meetings, “everyone feels free to weigh in and discuss options for the patient,” notes Barb Hansen, Patient Coordinator for the program. “It’s all about options and giving the patient the right information for what needs to be done.”

With the team’s treatment plan in hand, Hansen meets with the patient to discuss next steps, answer questions and continue to guide the patient through treatment, healing and recovery.

Post by Robin McGinty

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