A Healthy You: Why Purpose Matters

Why Purpose Matters

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By Cindy Gates

Why Purpose Matters

Blue Zones is all about making the healthy choice the easy choice but it’s also about having a “good life”. In 2009, the Metlife Mature Market Institute published a study title “Discovering What Matters.” This study shows that there is a connection between purpose and a person’s health, happiness, and contentment.

The study showed that having a sense of purpose was even more important than finances, having time, and being healthy. This shows that people assign the most importance to meaningful activities such as spending time with friends and family.

When people over 65 were asked, “If given the opportunity to live life over, what would you do differently?” they answered:

  • Hit the “pause button” to reflect on their lives to make the most of the time they had
  • Take more risks to pursue their dreams and life priorities
  • Find their purpose in life earlier

The bottom line is that everyone wants their life to matter. It requires a willingness to invest in oneself and take a hard look at discovering what truly matters.

For more information on purpose go to bluezonesproject.com.

Your dietitian’s purpose in life is to make everyone healthier by educating and inspiring them to make more nutritious food choices.

A Healthy You is a regular column about nutrition, healthy living and cancer care. It is written by Cindy Gates, RD and LD and the Cancer Center’s Oncology dietitian, herbalist and Certified Wellness Coach.

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