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RECEIVING A CANCER diagnosis can be a life-altering event. In addition to medical treatment, patients need comfort and support throughout their cancer journey. Knowing there is compassionate and innovative care close to home provides peace of mind.

Sioux City’s June E. Nylen Cancer Center’s staff is experienced, compassionate, and empathetic. From the medical team of doctors to the nurses, technologists and support staff, you are not alone.

Beth Bauer, BSN, Director of the June E. Nylen Cancer Center’s Infusion Center, shares that while you might come in anxious and nervous, the team hopes you leave feeling “engaged and empowered.”

Your first appointment will be educational and will include discussing your specific chemo regimen, explaining possible side effects and a visit from our insurance team.

Our staff will answer every question they can, providing a clear perspective by the time you leave. Our goal is that you recognize your strength and control in this journey.

Your individual medical oncology, or “chemo,” treatment plan is based on the type and stage of your cancer.

This also determines the frequency, duration, and drug(s) that will make up your specific regimen. Some treatments can take as long as six to eight hours of infusion, while others are a just-under-the-skin injection and may take minutes.

Registered Nurses at the infusion center have undergone special training and testing to earn their chemo certification. To maintain certification, re-testing must be done – and passed – every two years. You can find comfort in knowing you are in the care of the best staff around.

Each chemo regimen is prepared in the on-site pharmacy, as ordered by your oncologist. One of our specially trained RN’s will oversee your infusion treatment. The Infusion Center has 13 individual rooms, equipped with amenities such as a DVD player, TV, Wi-Fi, and space for your personal support team of family and friends. Warm blankets provide an extra layer of comfort during your treatment.

“Patients and families often state that they’re happy to have a place like this right here in Siouxland,” shares Beth.

Beth explains that not every patient in the Infusion Center is being treated for cancer. In collaboration with other physicians, the Infusion Center provides supportive care for patients with MS, rheumatoid arthritis and blood disorders.

Beth shares that oncology is an extremely rewarding career path. While some might perceive this career as stressful, it is quite the opposite. Through the cancer journey, patients and their families develop a special bond with their infusion nurses – the caring professionals who show them strength of spirt and compassion when they are at their most vulnerable. Together they celebrate milestones, large and small. And when treatment is finished, and it is time for patients to return to their familiar routine, those special nurses often hear, “No offense, but I hope I don’t see you again.”

No offense taken.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, call the June E. Nylen Cancer Center at 712.252.0088 to find out how we can help you on your journey.

Post by Chris S.

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