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Every cancer patient has a story to share, and at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center, we know that sharing your story is just one step on your journey to recovery.

That’s why we ask patients to share their stories with others – to offer comfort, inspiration and hope to the thousands of people diagnosed daily with cancer in America.

The best part is you get to decide what to share and what not to.

Once you submit your story using the form to the right, we will review it and post it below.

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My story is one of hope.
My diagnosis was stage 4 prostate cancer as my initial PSA level was 158 (way off the chart).
I had 12 biopsies and all came back positive. The odds did not look good!
My urologist is Dr. Daniels and my treatment included getting 2 shots in the abdomen… the pain from this lasted a week or so.
My PSA levels dropped to 15% and then dropped even lower on my 1st visit to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center.
For various reasons my 1st chemo treatment was put off for around 2 months. After 2 treatments my level dropped to .084.
For me by the grace of God this whole ordeal has been a miracle and as easy on me as peeling a banana!
I have never really felt any pain other than the initial shots given by Dr. Daniels. Those shots and the treatment was definitely worth the results I got from all of this.
I’d trade my little loss of hair and some loss of my taste buds for how I feel.
I wish it could be that way for everyone! My prayers are for all of us for comfort and healing. For those not so fortunate I pray for you and those closest to you.

I pray for those trying to find cures hoping I hear that a cure for cancer has been found.

Today I’m getting my 4th chemo treatment. I am blessed to say when I got out of bed I said, “Let’s roll, I feel so good.”
I know my fortunes are sent from Heaven above…I feel fantastic, lucky and sometimes like the chosen one.
My prayer is that all can have the outcome and ease from their treatments as I have had.

We were in Arizona near Mayo, MD Anderson and the Arizona Cancer Institute…We chose to be “Close to Home” in Sioux City

As many others, we too have a success story associated with the June E Nylen Cancer Center!
My husband, Wes, was diagnosed with throat cancer one year ago while we were wintering in Arizona. This shocking discovery was made by a heart surgeon during a carotid surgery procedure. Our first thought was to stay in Arizona for the daily radiation treatments for two months plus six rounds of chemo that was being prescribed.

Why not??? With some of the most amazing options available there… Mayo Clinic, M.D, Anderson, or the Arizona Cancer Institute.
Long story short, with inquiries and help from our doctors in Arizona, we found we could be “HOME in Sioux City” receiving the same good care & treatment!  There aren’t enough words & praise for the care we received at the June E Nylen Cancer Center! Everyone in the radiology dept, everyone in the chemo area, the Lab dept, the gals at the front desk, the volunteers …thank you, thank you!!   All of you make this state of the art Cancer Center the Blessing that it is!
A year later, Wes finished his treatments, his post care, and rang “The Hope Bell”…now enjoying the Arizona sun again this winter.
Thank you June E. Nylen Cancer Center!

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