Take A Deep Breath

Nov 26, 2019

Chris S.



It takes the lives of nearly twice as many
women as breast cancer. In fact, in takes the
lives of more people than colon, prostate
and breast cancer combined. It’s the leading
cancer in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
As many as 20 percent of people who die
from it in the United States every year have
never smoked or used any other form of
tobacco. Lung cancer – it can take your
breath away.

Symptoms of lung cancer often don’t show
up until the cancer has spread. Some of
the symptoms are similar to those of other
common illnesses and can be tempting to
ignore. Because of the size of your lungs,
tumors can grow for a while without causing
symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they
can vary depending on the type, location,
and size of the tumor.

During the month of November, in
recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness
Month, the June E. Nylen Cancer Center
(JENCC) is offering a reduced rate on CT
lung scans.

“Annual screening with low-dose computed
tomography (CT) can find lung cancers in
their earliest stage when the cancer is most
easily treated,” states Krista McCullough,
Executive Director at June E. Nylen Cancer
Center. “A CT scan for lung cancer is a safe
and non-invasive procedure with a minimal
amount of radiation exposure.”

Some known factors that can increase
your risk for lung cancer include smoking;
secondhand smoke or passive smoking;
familial disposition; exposure to asbestos;
exposure to radon gas; prolonged exposure to air pollution from vehicles, industry,
power plants, chemicals; and a history of
other lung disease.

Helping to get this message out is the
purpose of a special group of about a dozen
local professionals. Acting as the eyes
and ears for JENCC, these leaders form a
representative cross section of our Siouxland
region from nonprofit to for-profit, real estate
to computers, and banking to healthcare. The
JENCC Community Ambassadors’ statement
of purpose is, “With compassion, support and
advocacy, the Community Ambassadors help
champion the mission of the June E. Nylen
Cancer Center.”

The Community Ambassadors have been
around for over a decade. With a term
limit of three years (two terms max), the
group is kept fresh and engaged. By
promoting wellness to their staff and
others in the Siouxland area, JENCC’s
reach is expanded. This November,
they are shining the light on lung cancer
screening and early detection.

Nicole Berner, U.S. Bank Market President, is
the current Chair of the JENCC Community
Ambassadors. “We meet quarterly and learn
about the latest happenings at the June
E. Nylen Cancer Center. For example, we
recently learned about their new physicians,”
she explains. “But it’s more than that. We
also want to know how we can help with their
mission. And we share with them what we are
learning and hearing in the community.”

Last year’s lung cancer screening was the first
program the Ambassadors promoted, which
resulted in an increased number of patients screened at JENCC during the month of
November. In the radiologist’s report for each
patient, recommendations were provided for
the appropriate follow up and repeat scanning
if necessary. Positive and non-cancerous
findings were reported and these patients and
their physicians were notified of the results.

“What we hope will come out of this is that
the community realizes that these resources
are available to them, right here in Sioux City,
at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center,” Nicole
says. “If you have any of the risk factors, you
should get screened.”

With compassionate and supportive
advocates like the JENCC Community
Ambassadors promoting and encouraging
early detection of lung cancer, we can all
be reminded of the importance of focusing
on our own health and wellness. So, take a
deep breath and call 712.252.9396 today to
schedule your CT lung scan. It could save
your life.

Visit nylencancercenter.com for coverage
criteria and further information.

Patients interested in the CT lung scan need
a physician referral and should check with
their health insurance company to determine
coverage. The reduced rate at the June E.
Nylen Cancer Center for November if selfpaying is $250.

June E. Nylen Cancer Center’s Community Ambassador Committee: (Some Pictured with Executive Director Krista McCullough) Jennifer Bass, Century 21 ProLink Nicole Berner, U. S. Bank Mary Dermitt, Sioux City Community Schools - Career Academy Stacy Harmelink, Midlands Clinic Erin Hoekstra, NAI United Penni Hunn, SCHEELS Megan Lueders, Great West Casualty Company April Mahr, Prime Bank Mortgage Beth Pruchniak, Sterling Computers Peggy Smith, Wells Enterprises Jim Wharton, Community Member
Post by Chris S.

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