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  • Check in at the Front Desk

    You will need your insurance card and medication list.

  • Get diagnostic tests, if ordered

    Lab, X-rays or Cat-Scan.

  • Fill out paperwork

  • See a nurse for vitals

  • See the doctor

    Your family may be included to discuss plans for treatment.

The first time you visit the cancer center, please check in with the receptionist.   The receptionist will have a list of tests that may have been ordered, possibly an x-ray or Cat-Scan or lab work completed.   These services are available at the cancer center for your convenience.

You will wait in the front lobby while any lab work is processed.  While you are in the lobby you can help yourself to the coffee, tea and water bar which is available for you and your family. We also have lobby volunteers a few hours a day who will come around with a cart to offer refreshments or reading materials.

You also may meet our Patient Advocate who will assist in coordinating your cancer care and will provide education and answer questions you may have. Her office is located across from the patient check-in desk. Please feel free to ask the front desk staff where she is located or to see if you can visit with her while you are waiting.

Once the lab results are available – usually within an hour, you will be called back to the clinic area.  A nurse will complete an assessment that typically includes your blood pressure, weight and heart rate.

Then you will meet with your physician.  At that time you will discuss treatment options and plans.  We encourage you to ask questions and take notes so that you can refer back to them between visits.   Patients often feel overwhelmed with their diagnosis and the vast amount of information they are receiving.

Many patients find it helpful to bring a spouse, family member or friend to each visit to help take notes, ask questions and help provide emotional supports as well.  The first visit may last a few hours depending upon the testing required.

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