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On behalf of the Board of Directors, the doctors and the staff, I would like to welcome you to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center.

I am proud of the caring, compassionate people who work at the Center in an effort to relieve cancer patients and their families of the pain and trauma caused by cancer. Our staff is dedicated to creating a comfortable place to receive treatment.

Whether you are a patient, a patient’s loved one, a supporter, or if you are just curious about what we do, I welcome you and encourage your feedback. Thank you for visiting.

– Krista McCullough, Executive Director, June E. Nylen Cancer Center

June E. Nylen

June Eileen (Wiese) Nylen was a Registered Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa from 1965 until 1973. In 1975 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and was treated for many years until she passed away on August 7, 1980. June was described by many as a very loving and caring mother who chose to help people in need.

June taught her children to always do what’s right and to help others where and whenever possible. June’s battle with lung cancer and her loss changed the face of the Nylen family and permanently changed the future for each one of her children.

In an effort to put his mother’s philosophy of helping others into action, her son, Mark, made a contribution of $1,000,000 in June’s memory to help purchase a new Linear Accelerator. Her battle with cancer served as the catalyst to inspire Mark Nylen to make this substantial gift to the Cancer Center, and it continues to inspire others with the gift of caring and hope.

In December 2004 the Siouxland Regional Cancer Center officially changed its name to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center.

The Hope Bell

Celebrate your final treatment ringing the “Hope Bell” in the lobby of the June E. Nylen Cancer.

Bring your family and friends and take a picture of this memorable time.

The plaque next to the bell reads, “Ring this bell, three times well, its toll to clearly say- my treatment’s done, this course is run, and I am on my way.”

The bell and plaque was donated in honor of Helen Hall and has been rung thousands of times in celebration of completing treatment and onward as a “survivor”.


For 20 years, the June E. Nylen Cancer Center has led the region in comprehensive cancer care. The center officially opened its doors March 27, 1995 as the Siouxland Regional Cancer Center. The years have been marked by collaboration, change and growth. Now we mark the anniversary of our inception as one of the first freestanding cancer centers in the Midwest. We have five medical oncology and hematology satellite locations in outlying areas for convenience to patients.

Altogether, a staff of more than 100 professionals work together to bring the highest quality, compassionate cancer care to thousands in our community.  A full array of beneficial support services are offered: nutritional care, emotional and spiritual care, patient advocates that help navigate the cancer journey, a wig boutique, support groups, free radiation oncology transportation services, as well as an education and resource center.

The June E. Nylen Cancer Center partners with the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Community Oncology Program including Mayo Clinic, which enables us to offer state-of-the-art treatment which might otherwise be unavailable. More than 3,300 Siouxland patients have participated in clinical trials that offer new treatments, prevention, and enhanced quality of life for our patients.

In the last five years some of the changes we have seen on the oncology/hematology side are an increased use of oral oncology drugs with more supportive agents available.  We also have targeted agents to help in the treatment of lung, breast, colon and renal carcinomas as well as for lymphoma and CLL.

Each time a patient rings the Hope Bell in the Cancer Center lobby, they walk out of the cancer center free of the disease that brought them to our doors. For us, it signals our success in fighting cancer using the most state-of-the-art equipment coupled with compassionate patient care.

Siouxland Hematology Oncology Associates

Dr. John “Jack” Michalak started Siouxland Hematology Oncology Associates in 1980, and was a pioneering physician in the area of hematology-oncology. He was joined in 1986 by Dr. Donald Wender.

The group grew quickly. In 1988, Drs. Stephen Kahanic and Radha Rao joined the practice. Dr. Kahanic left the practice in 2017.

Dr. Michalak was the first medical director at the cancer center, then called the Siouxland Cancer Center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative cancer care

Our vision is excellence, every person, every time…by engaging, equipping and empowering

Our principles are: stewardship, safety and quality

Our values are: RESPECT








Our Timeline So Far

  • 1995

    The June E. Nylen Cancer Center opens its doors as the Siouxland Regional Cancer Center, a joint venture of Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center (now UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s)

  • 1997

    Garden of Hope is created on Cancer Center grounds, symbolically representing hope and new life

  • 1999

    3D treatment planning begins providing the most accurate and quickest way to view tumors and heighten radiation therapy

  • 2000

    PET Imaging (Positron Emission Tomography) brings a new dimension to cancer staging and a better indicator for the most effective type of cancer treatment for each patient

  • 2000

    Integrative Therapy is introduced, which integrates complementary medicine and therapies into traditional medicine

  • 2005

    The name is changed to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center following a generous gift from Mark and Mary Ellen Nylen in memory of Mark’s mother, June E. Nylen and the center’s namesake. The Nylens’ gift makes possible the purchase of a linear accelerator offering Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) technology

  • 2006

    New 4-slice CT scanner is added

  • 2007

    Capital campaign that includes significant matching gift from Eldon and Regina Roth makes possible the purchase of the region’s most aggressive cancer-fighting weapon, Trilogy, making cancer treatments faster and more effective, reducing side effects and speeding recovery

  • 2008

    Radiology Department goes filmless and implements digital imaging

  • 2008

    First Stereotactic Radiosurgery “surgery without scalpel” performed. Radiosurgery is a radiation delivery procedure that precisely delivers large radiation doses to tumors and other relevant anatomical targets in a single session or in a series of sessions (typically up to five). The goal of this non-invasive procedure is to destroy, or render inactive, the target anatomy without harming healthy tissue and without involving traditional surgery, and avoiding anesthesia.

  • 2013

    First Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) case performed using advanced imaging techniques to precisely deliver targeted radiation dose, helping preserve healthy tissue. Preserving healthy tissue is important for cancer patients whose tumors are near or in essential organs. SBRT may be used to deliver a single high dose of radiation, or several fractionated radiation doses (usually up to five treatments over a period of days).

  • 2015

    June E. Nylen Cancer Center celebrates 20 years of caring for patients and famiiles

  • 2015

    The JENCC purchased the practice of Siouxland Hematology Oncology Associates, PC, thus integrating medical oncology hematology with radiation oncology to better serve our patients.

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