Mar 28, 2010




No matter the challenge, June E. Nylen patients have taken it head on, beating breast cancer, vocal cord cancer and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease.
Gabe Haafke: Being treated for cancer can be a frightening experience, but the June E. Nylen Cancer Center makes it a lot less scary, a three-year cancer survivor said.

Gabriel (Gabe) Haafke of Bronson, Iowa said it was his fear of doctors that kept him from being diagnosed sooner for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease, a cancer of the lymphatic tissue. Read more

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Judy Fells: In the two years since Judy Fells of Storm Lake has completed her treatments at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center, she has a lot to sing about.

Fells, who teaches music classes at Storm Lake High School, found strength and peace in playing the piano during the time she received chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer. Read more

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Pat Winter: When she began her cancer treatment at June E. Nylen Cancer Center in 2000, Pat Winter of Le Mars didn’t know her life would change for the better.

She went through the usual ups and downs associated with the discovery and treatment of breast cancer – not once, but twice. Read more

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Julie Johnson: When her journey with cancer and treatment at June E. Nylen Cancer Center tested her this past year, Julie Johnson of the Holstein area depended on a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

“My sense of humor can get me through most anything,” said Johnson. “The whole experience can really test your patience.” Read more

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Al Bengtson: On February 14, 2005,  I was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. It was then that I personally realized what a gift it is to have the June Nylen Cancer Center in our area.

Thanks to up-to-date technology, and the expertise of Dr. Naden and the entire staff at the Center, today I can proudly count myself among the growing elite of cancer survivors. Read more

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Rick Mace: After a bout with vocal cord cancer and successful treatment at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center last summer, Rick Mace of Akron jumped right back to work as a bakery supervisor for HyVee and is looking forward to enjoying life in 2008.

Mace features his message “On the Road Again” on an Akron area billboard, joining 10 other persons featured on Nylen Cancer Center billboards in the region. Each billboard features a hometown resident who has received treatment at the cancer center and a positive message about treatment. Read more

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