Getting Ready for the Race for Hope

Getting Ready for the Race for Hope
If you’ve done very little running or no running at all, it is not too late to sign-up and WALK the September 15 Race for Hope. Here are a few tips to properly prepare and enjoy the morning:
1. Purchase new walking shoes now, if needed. You will not want to wear them for the first time on race day,
2. Along those lines, don’t try anything NEW on race day. That includes the above mentioned new shoes, shoelaces, socks, drinks, foods, shirts, etc. If you want to try anything new, do this 2 weeks before the race.
3. Eat a light, low-fiber, low-fat high-carbohydrate meal two to three hours before the race. Examples include a bagel with jelly, oatmeal with raisins or cereal with a banana. Once again, test it out during training.
4. Hydrate before the race. A cup or two of water ahead of time will pay dividends during the race.
5. Start towards the back. Let the ‘rabbits’ start out front. Your goal is to enjoy the walk.
6. Stick to YOUR pace during the race. If your plan was to walk the 5K, stick to it. You don’t want to be one of those runners who end up huffing and puffing and wondering why they couldn’t finish what they started. Know your goals and boundaries.
Visit and click on the 2012 Race Ambassadors picture for more information.
Kira Oregon, MS
Certified Wellness Coach

Post by Robin McGinty

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